How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products

April Walden

How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products!

The opinions in this blog are based on hands on experience with thousands of facials over 19 years, with training of 18 different pro lines, after improving hundreds of cases of grades 1-4 acne, hyper-pigmentation, aging issues, Rosacea etc. All in addition to personally dealing with skin issues since the age of 11. These opinions expressed are the ones that best match up with what my most well respected and reliable chemist teachers have taught me. I am not a chemist but am licensed to practice skin care and to apply cosmetic chemistry and am very experienced in applying cosmetic chemistry. Until you experience my products, hopefully this blog will have some valuable info for you. So here it is:

How to choose the right skin care products has taken this aesthetician longer than it should have. After 19 years and 18 professional skin care lines later, I think I've finally figured it out! It's not just about choosing the right skin care for your skin type and condition, which I'll be talking about in a different blog, it's first about choosing quality chemists. All 3 of my lines are made in the same FDA registered lab, by the same chirality practicing chemists - I've done that work for you. Thanks to the fortunate introduction, after much research, to the one and only US laboratory finally telling the truth about something called chirally corrected molecules in addition to following European Union Standards. That being said 100% chirally corrected isn't enough. The ingredients need to also be organically grown, the products should TRY to be cruelty-free, NOP certified, Made Better certified, packaged sustainably, etc.

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Next, say goodbye to drug store skin care, boutiques selling skin care that aren't licensed to sell anything other than boutique quality skin care, department store and grocery store products. All those categories fit neatly into the same box and can be thrown away forever. Why? Because if the people you're buying from don't have to have a license to sell chemistry then you are not in the best hands possible. Also, because you are paying dearly for the marketing costs, the shelf real estate, the self decided poshness of the boutique you're buying from, the super models and the packaging in some cases. More money goes to paying for those things than the chemistry. So much more money goes into the quality of the chemistry with professional skin care lines. Choosing professional chemistry only is always a given. That means buying from licensed aestheticians, dermatologists or plastic surgeons only, after they've seen your skin either through text images or in person. Once you're in the professional realm, then as we now know, choosing organic chemistry in BPA free plastic or glass only, for our safety and due to the state the world is in, is a given, chirally corrected molecules etc. 

So what is chirality? In essence it means "handedness". If you hold the palms of your hands together they fit perfectly with each other. They are the equal, yet opposite reflections of each other. When you chirally correct a molecule you make it so it fits our skin's receptor sites just like a glove rather than a glove with 3 or 7 fingers. Chirally purified ingredients are identified by either a D for the right side or L for the left side of the ingredient molecule on our ingredient decks. The “sides” of the same molecule can have different reactions; one side can carry negative side effects, while the other side delivers the specific benefits desired. A chiral molecule is only the desirable side of the molecule being employed. Using chirally corrected ingredients increases the ability of the ingredient to establish the right bond resulting in increased performance of the chiral ingredient used.

You want your skin care to speak a language your skin understands best. Not just partially, but with fluency. After all, when it comes to the raw and vulnerable nature of the human body, we don't want our cells having to go through the stressful process of interpreting a language nature didn't equip them to understand. We all know what it feels like trying to interpret really strong accents, though they may be speaking your language. Trying to interpret the thickest Scottish accent, as an American born person, is a good example. It's English but it doesn't fit our language receptor sites without much effort. There is only one way to accomplish fluency in the language of skin care chemistry and that's through organically grown and then chirally corrected molecules. Using the right form of the ingredient matters, not just the right ingredient. Not just organically grown, but then also chirally corrected wherever the organic molecules do not already come naturally chirally corrected. Just because an ingredient is grown in a non-toxic fashion, does not mean it's non-toxic to our skin's receptor sites.

99% of the skin care companies out there do not chirally correct most of their molecules. Why? Because it's too expensive so they claim chirality isn't a thing. 

The proof is in the pudding. How I've witnessed this theorized efficacy in every day use is that, since chirally corrected molecules inflict way less of an offense to the skin, my clients' skin does not sheet off after pro peels the way it always did after every other company's peels. The results are there without the same downtime. Chirality is what makes the products I sell safe, predictable and effective. If it's not chiral, why bother? 

Please visit the home page of to see the bountiful list of impressive European Union-esque standards that my skin care lines possess. Shop and enjoy free shipping on orders over $200.00

-April Star, Star Aesthetics Denver

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