About Us

I have been working as a clinical and fairly holistic aesthetician for 19 years. I currently practice in Denver, CO. My passionate aim has always been to affect real changes in my client's skin behavior and appearance through use of the most environmentally sound, fragrance light, professional strength topicals possible. Along with encouraged awareness of genetic tendencies, organic diet, quality sleep, manageable stress and overall healthy habits, you should achieve a very satisfying level of skin health and beauty. Healthy skin often means all those areas of your life are being successfully addressed. Yes our skin tells on us! Having my own history of various body/skin imbalances since the age of 11 has given me additional core understanding of how to be successful in improving grades 1-3 acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, hormonally-challenged pregnancy skin, lifeless, texturized, dry and aging skin.

Star Aesthetics employs Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals, Modvellum Clinical and Hale & Hush Sensitive Skin Specialists. All formulated in the same laboratory and share in most or all of these traits:

  • Chirally pure so all ingredients are 100% bioavailable. It's the only way to improve upon an organic ingredient as not all organic ingredients are 100% friendly to the body.To chirally correct a molecule, the unfriendly half is discarded, making the friendly half fit our receptor sites like a glove, making all formulas designed to work with the body, not against it.
  • Products are concentrate so the products last longer.
  • USDA organic harvesting practices
  • National Organic Program Certified
  • Follows European Union skin care standards which are more sophisticated than US standards.
  • Meets European Union standards as well as being USDA/NOP certified
  • ā€œGreenā€ since our inception
  • More products in glass packaging
  • 100% fresh, pure concentrated skin treatment solutions.
  • Utilizing the highest quality and newest technologies in ā€œskin health".
  • No fillers, artificial colors, artificial preservatives or artificial fragrances.
  • Cruelty free, period!
  • Naturally pH balanced, nothing harsh or aggressive.
  • Simple concept, resulting in a fast and easy approach.
  • Boutique philosophy: cold processed and formulated in small batches.
  • Extensive ingredient information and truthful marketing.
  • Individual client support and one-on-one client consultations.
  • Results driven and recommended for all skin types.Ā 

I've trained with 18 different professional lines in my 19 year career and this chemistry yields the best result and least guilt of any other lines I've worked with.Ā 

For Denver residents, in addition to custom skin treatments, I perform full face & body waxing (natural bikini waxing only) using highest quality Cerapil wax & Azulene Soft Strip by Allcon. For the fragile eye area I use Intensive brand vegetable dye for lash and brow tinting. For the rest of you, please enjoy online shopping brought to you by Star Aesthetics and don't hesitate to stop in for an organic facial if you're ever in Denver!Ā 

Best wishes for living your best life!Ā 

-April Star, Star AestheticsĀ