LightStim LED Light Therapy vs. Injectables

April Walden

Few people realize the power of light therapy on the human body. There's more than one language our body speaks and the language of light is like French to the ears when it comes to our skin getting excited. Particularly when wavelengths our skin understands are harnessed. In my practice I've worked hard to promote passion and optimism about natural ways to achieve breath taking beauty for all ages, especially older ages. Why? because if I can show that we can look 20 years younger without much use (or any use) of creepy mystery injectables, invasive surgeries etc, which I have personally since using LightStim, that opens up big realizations about the true power and original intent behind nature/our creator for human health. In addition to very limited alcohol intake, daily low sugar smoothies, organic and professional topical skin care, LED light takes it the rest of the way for serious plumping of the skin.
What is LED? LED stands for light emitting diode. Diodes are semi-conductors that convert electrical energy into light energy released in the form of photons. Photons (packets of light energy) can be absorbed by light absorbing molecules in the body called chromophores to trigger photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is the use of light to modulate or control biology. 
What is a chromophore? Part of a molecule that absorbs or reflects light (photons). Sometimes referred to as photo acceptor. In order for light photons to have any photo-biochemical affect, they must be absorbed by the chromophores in the body. 
How much energy is enough energy to do what we're trying to accomplish? If you're seeing results or the result you're looking for then you know you have the proper amount of energy. That question has been answered by many experts in this way including Dr. Harry Walen who is an expert in the field  and was a big part of the NASA LED Light Therapy studies. 
Why LightStim vs Other Manufacturers?
  • LightStim Multiwave Patented Technology simultaneously emits multiple wavelengths of light allowing for more than one target objective per treatment
  • Only manufacturer to prove efficacy through clinical trials¬†
  • Achieves dramatically greater results by triggering photo biochemical effect in more of a comprehensive way
  • Home care Hand-Helds are as strong as pro panels
  • FDA cleared
  • LightStim for Wrinkles comes with Photo Serum and 2 Photo Masque sheets
  • Very well made devices and a 5 year warrantee
    History of Light Therapy
    • Sunlight used to treat diseases for thousands of years - Hippocrates was a proponent
    • Olympian athletes required to sunbathe for health maintenance
    • Niels Ryberg Finsen - Danish scientist won Nobel Prize in 1903 for treatment of diseases (mainly Lupus Vulgaris) using phototherapy
    • Dr. Auguste Rollier - 1903 opened clinic in the Swiss Alps - "Heliotherapy" used to treat tuberculosis. Also used to treat conditions of the skin and the joints. Community of Solarians began to develop
    • Endre Mester - Hungarian physician 1967 first demonstration of "photobiostimulation" which is now referred to as "photobiomodulation" or Low Level Light Therapy
    Published Studies
    • ÔĽŅ Over 400 clinical trials and 4000 lab studies on subject of light therapy
    • Some of the most referred to studies in the field are those conducted by NASA in the 1990s. During that time NASA wanted to see if they could grow plants in space and one¬†critical component necessary for¬†photosynthesis and plant growth is sunlight, which of course does not exist in space or at the international space station; So in the absence of sunlight , they decided to use LEDs. You can observe their success in images below.¬†

    Then there were further studies on wounds and bone loss for astronauts living in zero gravity. Here are some serious articles on this subject if you really want to nerd out.


    Further findings of published studies.

    • Growth increase of between 155% and 171% in normal human epithelial cells (skin cells)
    • Wound size decreased up to 36%
    • Improvement of greater than 40% in musculoskeletal injuries of Navy Seal team members
    • More recent studies show numerous areas of benefit including prophylactic (pre-treatment) for exercise induced muscle fatigue and tissue damage that may result from heart attacks.¬†

    Most Widely Used Applications

    • Tissue repair/wound healing
    • Pain, inflammation and Edematendonopathy, Arthritis, neck pain, neuropathy, TMJ
    • Radiation induced dermatitis¬†
    • Orthodontics
    • Oral mucositis which results from chemo treatments for cancer where patients develop sores on inside of mouth that sometimes extend down the esophagus and into digestive tract.
    • Actinic Keratosis and skin cancers photodynamic therapy PDT is used to help destroy those skin cancers. ¬†
    • Jaundice¬†
    • Seasonal Effective Disorder (S.A.D) LED can be used to effectively treat this disorder. It's generally shorter wavelengths, lower wavelengths because they have the ability to depress melatonin production.¬†
    • Veterinary Treatment - lots of success there.¬†


    LED Therapy Facts

    • Non-invasive - Enters body but does no damage¬†
    • Immediate results and cumulative results (The more damaged the tissue the more noticeable the results are sooner.)
    • Helps restore homeostasis/body's ability to right itself
    • Promotes optimal cellular function to heal and facilitate tissue repair
    • Offers benefits of sunlight without the damaging effects of UV rays
    • Wavelength specific light (colors) can be used to target specific conditions.


    LED vs. Laser 


    • ÔĽŅHigh powered and collimated (rays are powerful and focused)
    • Functions by cutting, coagulating, ablating and/or vaporizing tissue.¬†


    • Lower energy and non-collimated (rays are diffused and unfocused)
    • Functions by triggering a photo biochemical response on a cellular level
    • No cutaneous or subcutaneous damage
    • Often used post-laser for healing and to support benefits

    Cell Functions

    • ÔĽŅCreate Adenosine Triphosphate which is the body's fuel source
    • Break down protein molecules
    • Generate other proteins, enzymes, growth factors and inflammatory mediators
    • Eliminate waste
    • Cell proliferation (Mitosis)
    • Send out chemical messengers to regulate ¬†human processes - muscle contraction, signal transfer in nerves, gene expression, etc.¬†

    Benefits Associated with LED Therapy (LLLT)

    A lot of anecdotal evidence supports:

    • Helps encourage optimal skin function for healthy, glowing skin
    • Reduces inflammation and redness
    • Repairs and rebuilds proteins, enzymes and growth factors
    • Promotes better product absorption (thermal effects - membrane permeability)
    • Works synergistically with other treatments and ingredients for better results
    • Destroys P. Acnes bacteria
    • Increases blood circulation & oxygenation¬†
    • Accelerated healing¬†

    Studies Have Shown

    • Light therapy reduces oxidative stress
    • Light therapy reduces inflammation
    • Light therapy Increases Adenosine Triphosphate cellular fuel source
    • Light therapy increases Nitric Oxide, dubbed the "Miracle Molecule. (Generally speaking re: N.O., loss of Nitric Oxide contributes to age related disease including high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimers) Nitric Oxide is 100% in 20s, 80% in 30s, 50% in 40s, 35% in 50s, 15% in 60s. This suggests importance of light therapy bed use when possible. When N.O. is at healthy levels it increases blood flow and brings oxygen and nutrients to the brain, tissues and organs. Important neurological-transmitter associated with neuronal plasticity, memory formation, regulation of central nervous system blood flow, neurotransmitter release, and regulates immune function
    • Light therapy increases blood circulation

    Professionals Choice Awards 

    • 2 American Spa Pro Choice Awards
    • 1 Cosmoprof Pro Choice Awards
    • 1 Associate Skin Care Professionals Skin Deep Pro Choice Award
    • 1 Aesthetic Everything Award Winner
    • 4 Dermascope Aestheticians Choice Awards
    • LightStim chosen as "Mission Partner" with Oncology Spa solutions¬†


    Injectables are sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible and we don't know for certain WHAT all is in those formulas. Thousands of people have violent reactions to all types of injectables world-wide every year. Positive results of injectables depends solely on the talent of the nurse or doctor and the integrity of the formulas. Artificial lips are just not ever attractive, as you can almost ALWAYS tell. Droopy eyebrows due to improperly administered Botox are not attractive, temporary loss of vision and short term memory due to Botox done improperly is downright terrifying. I alone have had all these things happen to me. Light therapy is a God given, non invasive source of healing and beauty harnessed by NASA and then improved upon by LightStim. Results of LightStim on face and eyes can be as dramatic over time as filler is but can't reach same drama as lip filler does, unless you're comparing LED results to conservative lip filler. Results will vary in terms of how long it takes to achieve them depending on how healthy you are, but my personal face responded in 3 weeks as if I'd received a face full of conservative filler. This has resulted in a 45 year old looking 36-ish again, some days 28-ish if I've combined it with a facial, and it will keep getting better as long as I continue healthy practices all around. 


    Enjoy your LightStim!


    -April Walden, Licensed Aesthetician for 20 years 

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