LightStim for Acne


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LightStim for Acne
LightStim for Acne
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    • The LightStim for Acne is to be used on clean, bare skin! No serums necessary.
    • LightStim for Acne has 72 LED bulbs in your hand-held device. (Much more than other devices on the market.
    • Same strength as Pro-Panels.
    • Clinically proven results so it's not a matter of if, but when
    • 5 year warrantee
    • Built to last a lifetime
    • Maintenance free. No cartridges, LEDs, or battery replacement costs.
    • FDA cleared to treat mild to moderate acne
    • In numerous clinical studies, Blue LED light therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for Acne with no negative side effects.
    • Recommended by Licensed Skin-Care Professionals
    • Calms existing breakouts
    • Restore your skin's clear and healthy appearance
    • Smooth the texture of your skin
    • Can be used on all skin types and tones
    • Built in 3 Minute Treatment Timer
    • 30 Minute Automatic Shut-Off
    • Designed and manufactured in the USA at the LightStim Medical Device-Certified Headquarters
    • Comes with 1 LightStim Beauty Bag and 1 PhotoMasque Sheet
    • LightStim has advanced NASA's LED technology to a new level, developing LightStim MultiWave Patented Technology to simultaneously emit multiple wavelengths (colors) of light. These wavelengths work together to give your skin the nourishment it needs for a more radiant and youthful appearance.¬†


    Note: For skin prone to Melasma these lights are not recommended. For skin prone to hyper-pigmentation, you may or may not develop pigment from heat in the light so just don't use light for longer than is recommended for best possible avoidance of pigment developing. 

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